Spinasse and Artusi Takeout Menus

March 17, 2020
by artusi

Hi Friends,

Thanks for supporting us during this Coronavirus emergency.  We are offering takeout from Spinasse and Artusi from 5-8pm daily (if you are hungry before or after those hours, please call, we may be able to help!).    CALL (206) 251-7673  to order.

MENU- all orders include our house-made grissini breadsticks


Roasted hazelnuts $4
Controne chile and muscovado sugar

Spice-marinated olives $4

Prosciutto di Parma $28
Pio Tosini 14 month-aged prosciutto with marinated apples and toasted mustard seeds

Kohlrabi salad $14
Kohlrabi and watermelon radish salad with parmigiano, capers and anchovy vinaigrette

Arugula Salad $12
Arugula salad with pecorino, toasted pine nuts, and white wine vinaigrette

Frisee salad $15
Chicory with walnuts, apple, and eight-minute egg



Tajarin uncooked, one full serving $10

Tajarin al ragu $28
Fine hand-cut egg pasta with pork and beef ragu (also available as a kit to make at home)

Risotto with roasted broccoli $18
Risotto with fontina fonduta and roasted broccoli

Cavatelli $19
Cavatelli with venison ragu and parmigiano


Capunet $28
Swiss chard-wrapped braised beef and pork with caramelized honey sauce

Meatballs $18
Beef and pork meatballs with tomato sauce and garlic bread

Lamb shank $27
Braised lamb shank with soft polenta and gremolata



Roasted Brussels sprouts $12
Brussels sprouts with bagna caoda

Roasted carrots $12
Carrots with Barolo vinegar and sage

Sauteed kale $11
Lacinto kale with roasted garlic



Tiramisu $11
Mascarpone and rum cream with espresso-soaked vanilla cake and chocolate crumble

Panna Cotta $11
Vanilla panna cotta with wildflower honey

Caramel gianduja cream $11
Caramel gianduja cream wit dark chocolate feuilletine and bay leaf sauce


*Items marked with an asterisk may be raw or under-cooked and be dangerous to your health.

A gratuity of 20% automatically added for all takeout orders