Artusi featured in Société Perrier

February 14, 2013

Did you know Artusi offers vinegar-based cocktails? Our tasty selection of unique yet palatable cocktails was recently featured in Société Perrier, and we hope you stop by to try them soon! When we talk about vinegar for cocktails, we’re not referring to traditional apple cider or red wine vinegars. Rather, we use Northern Italian Acetoria Artisan Vinegars that come in flavors such as fig, tomato, black currant, and mango, to name a few. Using these vinegars, we come up with non-alcoholic concoctions, such as Elroy’s Boy (blackberry vinegar, sugar, lemon, and soda), or drinks with a kick like The Miller’s Crossing (blackberry vinegar, gin, amaro montenegro, cassis and lavender bitters). See our complete list of cocktails here.

Read more about our tasty cocktails in Société Perrier, and check out photos!