Vignalta Winemaker Dinner-Tuesday, July 14

July 7, 2015
by artusi

This is a rare opportunity to meet and dine with Italian winemaker, Lucio Gomiero of Vignalta, one of our favorite producers from the Veneto region of Colli Euganei.  Vignalta was founded in 1980 by Lucio who concluded after years of tasting great Bordeaux wines, that anything Pomerol could do, he could do just as well. Colli Euganei shares the same lines of latitude with Bordeaux, therefore it is not surprising that varietals from this region flourish.

Please join us for a four-course dinner prepared by Chef Stuart Lane paired with the wines of Lucio Gomiero who will be accompanied by Seattle Master Sommelier, Chris Tanghe.

Beef Carpaccio with Maionese and Arugula

Risotto Nero with Braised Octopus

Roasted Quail with Creamy Polenta

Frittelle with Apricots

Tuesday, July 14- 7 pm

Four courses with wine pairings – $100 per person(+ tax and gratuity).

Please call for a reservation (206) 678-2516